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This year Dynamic Earth will be supported by a wonderful array of organisations; industry, academic and public service, all offering up their time to engage and inspire the next generation of Scientists and Geographers so come along and meet:

Kate from the University of Edinburgh School of GeoSciences – Kate is a Volcanologist working at the University of Edinburgh. Her job involves teaching students about the science of Planet Earth, and also taking part in exciting research all over the world. As part of her job, Kate gets to collect volcanic samples and analyse them back in Edinburgh to help us all understand how volcanoes grow and develop. Kate will be available to inspire you in the world of GeoSciences and where studying Geography and Geology can take you in your future.

Alex from the University of Edinburgh School of GeoSciences – Alex is aGeoScientist who works to understand the chemistry of Earth’s oceans and how they’re changing in response to climate change. He also teaches students about the science of planet Earth on lots of different university courses. Alex will be available to inspire you in the world of GeoSciences and where studying Geography and Geology can take you.

Alec from the Royal Navy – Alec is an Engineering Technician for the Royal Navy. His job brings him lot of variety, and lets him travel all over the world. One day, he could be maintaining the engine of a ship, and the next he may be involved in responding to a humanitarian crisis in the aftermath of a natural hazard. Alec and his team will be on hand to tell you all about how STEM and Geography help them every day in the Royal Navy.

Diane from the Institute for Minerals, Materials and Mining Diane works in the learning team for The Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IOM3). Her job involves helping everyone engage with and understand how we can extract and make use of different materials in everyday life. Diane can inspire you in the amazing variety and uses of different materials that we all depend on, and help you see how studying STEM can offer you incredible opportunities in your future.

Eilidh from Skills Development Scotland – Eilidh is a Careers Advisor for Skills Development Scotland. Eilidh can help give you an insight into the world of work, with advice on studying different subjects at high school and beyond. As part of her job, Eilidh can help you explore different career options which make use of science and geography. As part of their stall, you’ll get the chance to check out some pretty amazing virtual reality headset technology – just one of the many developments make possible through STEM innovation you could be involved in in your future.

Michelle from SEFARI (Scottish Environment, Food and Agriculture Research Institutes) Michelle works for the James Hutton Institute, which is one of six partners in the SAFARI group. The SEFARI group work to produce world leading research on topics like animal and plant diseases, climate change, water resources and food production, which helps us all in our everyday lives. Michelle will be on hand to engage and inspire you in these research areas with hands-on activities and answer any questions you may have.

Addy from Esri UK – Secret Software –Geographical Information Systems (GIS) are affecting your life and the planet every day. Come and talk to us to discover more about GIS and how you can become part of the Geospatial Revolution. You probably use GIS every day without realising it. Your sat-nav, smartphone mapping and even the weather forecast use GIS to convey information to the user where location is critical. It’s impossible to list all the uses of GIS, but it could be used in climate change research, habitat monitoring, flood modelling, planning, environmental impact assessments or tracking diseases such as Ebola and Zika.  We only have 1 planet, it’s your job as a scientist to use GIS to turn data into information and knowledge so we don’t ruin it. Esri is the largest GIS company in the world, come and visit our stand to see how we can help you see your environment in a different way!

Ashleigh and Team from EDF Energy - EDF Energy is the UK’s largest producer of low-carbon electricity, meeting around one-fifth of the country’s demand and supplying millions of customers and businesses with electricity and gas. Come along and experience the energy sector in virtual reality, play with ‘Little Bits Kits’ and meet real engineers working in the Scottish Energy sector.

Elma, Ilaria, Cayo and Mohammad from Heriot Watt University Come along and meet this team from Heriot Watt and explore sustainable geo-energy with lots of hands-on and exciting activities.

Who else is coming?

  • Astronomers looking at some of the most energetic objects in our Universe.
  • Scientists researching natural disasters.
  • Rangers from Historic Environment Scotland; the guys and gals responsible for looking after our wild spaces.
  • Representatives from industry who look to our environmental future though the wizardry of computer programming.
  • Academics demonstrating cutting edge research.

We are also being supported by Skills Development Scotland who work alongside business and industry to support and guide young people in their careers and career aspirations.

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