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This year Dynamic Earth will be supported by a wonderful array of organisations; industry, academic and public service, all offering up their time to engage and inspire the next generation of Scientists and Geographers so come along and meet:

Steve, April, Katy and Louise from Forest Research. Research liaison, pathology, entomology and spatial science, these are some of the folk helping Forest Research support the development of sustainable forestry, delivering world-class scientific research and technical development. Forest research is Britain's principle organisation for forestry and tree related research, supporting and informing policy and practice for all four administrations in the UK. 

Tony Gutierrez, an Environmental Microbiologist from Heriot-Watt University. Tony works with microbes that help clean our seas of oil pollution. The Deepwater Horizon disaster holds the dubious record as the largest oil spill in the history of the United States, having resulted in the release of 700,000 tonnes of crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico, causing havoc to marine life. Meet Tony and find out where all the oil went and take a dive into a virtual reality experience showing how scientists investigate an oil spill disaster in the open ocean.

Alison McLure from the Institute of Physics. Alison has a passion for all things physics and through physics will happily point you in the direction of a wide variety of rewarding careers. Even if you don't end up working in a physics related industry, the skills gained through studying this subject are really appreciated by employers; an ability to grasp concepts quickly, a determination to find coherent answers, not to mention problem solving, analytical, mathematical and IT skills. And you will also learn about how the Universe works!  

Simon from Sweco. Sweco is Europe's leading architecture and engineering consultancy! Simon and his colleagues plan and design the communities and cities of the future. Buildings are sustainable, infrastructure is efficient and includes access to clean water. There are over 14,500 employees across Northern Europe working for Sweco and a whole host of possible careers to choose from. 

Royal Scottish Geographical Society. RSGS has a distinguished history of supporting and promoting geographical education, research and exploration. For over 130 years, they have been working to broaden public awareness of the breadth and depth of geographical sciences, and to promote greater understanding of contemporary issues which shape our future.

Angela from Changeworks. Changeworks is an environmental charity and social enterprise. They deliver solutions that enable people to live and work more sustainably. They work with people, communities and organisations, including schools to deliver services and projects that cut carbon, prevent waste, promote sustainable energy and support people at risk of fuel poverty. Pop along and chat with Angela about her job and background and find out if this would be an area you would like to work in.


Who else is coming?

  • Astronomers looking at some of the most energetic objects in our Universe.
  • Scientists researching natural disasters.
  • Rangers from Historic Environment Scotland; the guys and gals responsible for looking after our wild spaces.
  • Representatives from industry who look to our environmental future though the wizardry of computer programming.
  • Academics demonstrating cutting edge research.

We are also being supported by Skills Development Scotland who work alongside business and industry to support and guide young people in their careers and career aspirations.

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